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About us

Our mission is to provide outstanding consulting services that realise significant improvements for our clients in a resource effective manner.

Mark Bramwell

Mark Bramwell launched Bramwell Solutions in 2007, with the mission to inspire people to realise their full potential, and to help organisations build high-performing and engaged teams. Bramwell Solutions represents the culmination of nearly two decades of study in human behaviour, research and practical experience. This has included the design and delivery of organisational development initiatives for an extensive range of clients.

Beginning his career working in consulting, senior consulting and leadership roles at nationally acclaimed consulting firms, Mark honed his expertise across three key areas:

  • Group training to elevate teams to the next level, dramatically increase morale and maximise productivity
  • One on one coaching to develop inspirational leadership, outstanding communication skills and heightened self-awareness
  • Climate and Engagement surveys tailored to specific client objectives, with comprehensive recommendations aimed at building highly engaged, capable and results focused organisations.

Clients engage Mark for his expertise across organisational psychology, and his proven results achieved through practical business outcomes. Mark's ability to connect with people and understand both the individual's perspective, along with the organisation's goals, has repeatedly driven positive change, measurable results and rewarding outcomes.

Mark is an expert at dealing with various personalities and work environments, and is able to hold the necessary 'difficult' conversations. This, combined with a collaborative and pragmatic approach, forms a unique combination that sets Mark apart.

Read our testimonials to see what clients say about working with Mark.

Visit trainingcoaching and surveys to find out more about Mark's consulting approach and services.

Mark's professional qualifications include:

  • Master of Psychology (Organisational)
  • Graduate Diploma of Applied Science – Professional Psychology
  • Bachelor of Science (Human Movement and Psychology)

To discuss how Bramwell Solutions can help you, contact Mark on 0437 681 564 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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