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Executive Coaching - Our Approach

Bramwell Solutions' executive coaching programs are about challenging, supporting and empowering participants to evolve into high performing team members and inspirational leaders. We achieve this by helping you to objectively review your own performance, effectively consider the perspectives of others, and by setting challenging and rewarding career goals.  

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Our Approach to Inspirational Executive Coaching

Mark is frequently called on in moments of career progression, career stress and career uncertainty, or at regurlar intervals to act as an impartial and insightful third party. He is skilled at offering insightful advice, and challenging and critiquing specific strategies, ideas and proposed actions.

As a highly experienced executive coach, Mark takes a pragmatic approach to ensure the needs of the individual and their organisation are met to deliver clear benificial outcomes from the coaching process.This includes reviewing areas such as problem-solving approaches, decision-making processes, interpersonal communications, self-management and self-perceptions.

Organisations and individuals that require expertise in organisational psychology and seek to achieve significant business improvements engage Mark to:

  • Facilitate high levels of trust to enable frank and critical discussions
  • Assist you objectively recgonise your own interpersonal strengths and weaknesses
  • Identify the root cause of challenges you are dealing with
  • Highlight your role in resolving those issues
  • Guide you towards creating and implementing necessary changes
  • Empower you to effectively drive your ongoing personal development.

Our Executive Coaching Structure

Bramwell Solutions recognises that every coaching participant is unique. Our executive coaching services are renowned for being highly flexible in their structure to ensure you are provided with a coaching solution that will be the most resource effective while delivering the desired outcomes.

Our programs range from brief assignments with 2 - 4 one hour sessions with an individual, through to organisation wide initiatives with specific employee cohorts that run for 1 - 2 years.

In fact, some of our ongoing coaching assignments have been running for close to a decade!

What strikes me most about Mark is his approach to coaching. He takes the time to understand the client, listening and observing what is happening both at work and outside of work, and only then offers very practical and relevant advice.

Shane Smith - Manager, Corporate Business Services
Department of Health (Victoria)

I have recently worked with Mark through the FiTT Mentoring Circle and have valued his expertise. Mark is an exceptional coach who listens, understands and with empathy can deliver exactly the right question or piece of advice to guide you. His coaching technique is a great balance of discussion, presentation and promoting self reflection. I highly recommend Mark as a personal coach or mentor.

Paula Rujak - General Manager, Network Technology & Innovation, Network and Commercial Engineering - Telstra

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