Our Approach to Executive Coaching

  • Coaching to challenge, support and empower
  • Demonstrate authentic and inspirational leadership

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Bramwell Solutions' executive coaching objectively challenges participants to review personal performance, effectively consider alternative perspectives, and set relevant and rewarding goals.

Inspirational Executive Coaching

Mark's coaching is frequently called on in moments of career progression, career stress and career uncertainty, or to act as an impartial and insightful third party to promote personal development.

Mark's expertise in psychology, and pragmatic approach, guarantees his coaching participants' development needs are met. Insightful advice, challenging and critiquing specific ideas, strategies and proposed actions are part of the coaching experience.

Mark's coaching strengths lie in finding the perfect balance between:

Building current capabilities to achieve professional goals

Challenging self-awareness to identify change strategies

Our Coaching programs help you:

  • Facilitate high levels of trust to enable frank and critical discussions
  • Objectively recognise interpersonal strengths and weaknesses
  • Identify the root cause of challenges

  • Create and implement necessary change
  • Effectively drive ongoing personal development

Executive Coaching Structure

Every coaching participant is unique.

Our executive coaching services are renowned for being highly flexible to provide coaching solutions that deliver beneficial and sustainable outcomes.

Our programs range from brief individual assignments, to organisation wide coaching programs that run for 1 - 2 years, through to long-term coaching partnerships.

What strikes me most about Mark is his approach to coaching. He takes the time to understand the client, listening and observing what is happening both at work and outside of work, and only then offers very practical and relevant advice.

Manager, Corporate Business Services Department of Health (Victoria)

I have recently worked with Mark through the FiTT Mentoring Circle and have valued his expertise. Mark is an exceptional coach who listens, understands and with empathy can deliver exactly the right question or piece of advice to guide you. His coaching technique is a great balance of discussion, presentation and promoting self reflection. I highly recommend Mark as a personal coach or mentor.

General Manager, Network Technology & Innovation, Network and Commercial Engineering - Telstra

I've worked with Mark over a number of years and have had Mark work one on one with my sales and management teams to bring out their potential. Mark is an exceptional business coach and facilitator and is able to find a balance between working with individuals to help them achieve their professional goals and working with their manager to provide appropriate feedback during the process. Mark has helped me shape exit strategies as well as build superstars. Mark is exceptional at what he does and I will continue to work with him into the future as we both share a commitment to fostering talent and enabling people to be great. Throughout the process you might get a little feedback of your own to work on, Mark is good at having the hard conversations, you may not always like what he has to say but if you work through the process you and your teams will be better for it. Thanks Mark!

CEO - SixPivot

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