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Survey Solutions - Employee & Engagement Surveys

 Understand the full spectrum of staff perceptions

Gain clear organisation insights

Identify targeted development strategies

Build a high performing and engaged workforce

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Why Bramwell Solutions?

Tailored content, methodology and reporting

Our employee opinion and staff engagement surveys are highly customisable.

We offer simple data gathering processes through to highly detailed reporting options. Our reporting can encompass expert data trend analysis, interpretation and comprehensive recommendations for development. Our reporting outcomes can be used to drive improved employee opinions of an organisation's employment experience, as well as drive organisation change initiatives focused on improving performance and efficiencies. We provide:

User-friendly and clear survey processes that minimises respondent completion time, while maximising the collection of quality data.

Survey completion options to suit your needs to protect respondent anonymity and confidentially and manage survey security.

Expertise in organisational psychology and stakeholder engagement to support the identification and prioritisation of change initiatives.  

Over 15 years of experience providing employee opinion and engagement survey solutions to corporate, not for profit and local government sectors 

Bramwell Solutions collaborates with our clients across the pre-delivery, delivery and post-delivery phases of the survey life cycle. We are skilled at project managing survey processes to reinforce an organisation's professionalism, values and principles.

Our Employee Opinion & Engagement Survey Options

Bramwell Employee Opinion Survey (BEOS)

The Bramwell Employee Opinion Survey is a comprehensive 80 item survey that assesses workplace culture and employee perceptions across a range of constructs that underpin an organisation’s success. The BEOS can be run as an off the shelf version or edited to narrow the scope of the survey, and/or supplemented to assess key areas more unique to an organisation’s sector or market.

Bramwell Organisational Effectiveness Model (BOEM)

Included in the BEOS, or as a stand-alone 21 item survey, the Bramwell Organisational Effectiveness Model (BOEM) focuses on assessing four key organisational factors that underpin success - Engagement, Leadership, Capability and Results. The BOEM is also ideally suited to act as a ‘Pulse Survey’ between iterations of a full survey process.

Targeted ‘investigation’ Surveys

Customised solutions to more specifically investigate an organisation’s areas of concern, or areas identified as warranting further investigation based on past survey results.

Your Staff Survey Process – from design to completion


Survey content created with a focus on presenting survey items that are clear, targeted and specific in content to facilitate ease of completion and to ensure high quality data is collected.

Pre-survey communication strategies are developed to engage staff and improve participation rates.


Response rates are monitored daily.

Targeted internal communications are delivered that reinforce the value of staff participation in the survey.

Reminder emails are sent to non-respondents to encourage survey completion, while protecting respondent and non-respondent anonymity.

24/7 respondent support to resolve any completion issues, process concerns and questions should they arise.


Survey reporting completed within 2 weeks of survey closure.

Reporting structures provide a clear understanding of key outcomes to drive leadership and staff engagement.  

Expertise to facilitate workshops and strategy sessions to identify and prioritise change initiatives. 

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     Dont have your head in the sand - Ask. Listen. Take ActionAsk. Listen. Take Action.

     A significant key to the long term success of our survey projects is the simple mantra we operate by.

   Ask using relevant and clear processes that allow respondents to easily provide their feedback.

   Listen in an objective and unbiased manner to truly ‘hear’ what the survey data is ‘saying’.

   Take Action to ensure respondent opinions are valued and linked to appropriate actions.

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