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Surveys - Organisational Effectiveness Model

Bramwell Organisational Effectiveness Model

Our survey methodology and analysis also includes an evaluation of the findings against our Bramwell Organisational Effectiveness Model (BOEM).

The BOEM is based on the concept that outstanding leadership is the most crucial ingredient needed to drive and sustain the development of an inspirational organisational culture that attracts and retains the most skilled and talented workforce.

Our model assesses how outstanding your organisation's Leadership capability is at driving high staff Engagement, realising your organisation’s Results and ensuring your staff have the Capability to succeed.

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Our model analysis can be as a stand-alone approach consisting of 21 items, or integrated into our broader organisational surveys.


Compelling and visionary leadership is linked to a number of key organisational outcomes, including:

  • Increased profit, productivity and staff engagement
  • Ability to attract and retain quality staff
  • Decreased employee turnover.

Outstanding leaders inspire staff to achieve their best by making sure a clear and compelling picture for the future exists, that staff have a clear understanding of expectations, and that the skills and qualities of employees are nurtured and developed through clear and effective communication, decision making and performance feedback. Inspiring leadership is a driver and enabler of desired behaviours and outcomes.


Engagement refers to the degree of connection the employee has with their organisation. Whether they feel they are aligned with the organisation from a values perspective, and are motivated to do their best to help the organisation achieve outstanding success. Organisations with highly engaged staff are more likely to have lower turnover, lower unplanned absenteeism, double-digit growth and higher profits compared to organisations with poorly engaged staff.


In order to meet organisational objectives and achieve success, staff must have an understanding of what success ‘looks’ like. With a clear success picture in mind, staff must be managed and inspired to perform consistently and in line with these objectives. This requires leaders to transparently communicate the organisation’s goals to all staff, so that every employee’s performance and output can be aligned and drive success. Staff must be supported by a performance feedback and development focus culture in which personal growth and development is seen as critical and constantly evolving. 


Capability is an assessment of the skills and ability of an organisation’s employees. Engaged employees have been linked with organisation success. However, if these employees do not have the skills and ability to translate engagement into tangible and required outcomes, then the organisation may not be capable of achieving its objectives. Leaders must nurture talent and remove obstacles to allow skills to be fully utilised.

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