Organisational Effectiveness Model

Organisational Effectiveness Model

Our survey methodology and analysis also includes an evaluation of the findings against our Bramwell Organisational Effectiveness Model (BOEM).

Authentic and inspirational leadership is the crucial ingredient needed to create an organisational culture that attracts and retains the most skilled and talented workforce.

Our model assesses how effectively your organisation's Leadership drives high staff Engagement, realises your organisation’s Results and ensures staff have the Capability to succeed.

Our model analysis can be as a stand-alone approach consisting of 21 items, or integrated into our broader organisational surveys.


Authentic and visionary leadership supports increased productivity and staff engagement.

Outstanding leaders are able to attract, retain and motivate high quality staff. Staff are provided a clear and compelling vision for the future, have a clear understanding of performance expectations, and the skills of employees are nurtured and developed through clear and effective communication, decision making and performance feedback.


Engagement refers to the degree of connection the employee has with their organisation.

Staff feel they aligned with the organisation values, and are motivated to do their best to support their organisation's success. Organisations with highly engaged staff have lower turnover, lower unplanned absenteeism, higher growth and higher profits compared to organisations with poorly engaged staff.


Staff must clearly understand what success ‘looks’ like to meet an organisation's goals and objectives.

Staff must then be led and inspired to perform consistently in line with these objectives. This requires leaders to transparently communicate the organisation’s goals and align employee performance and output. Staff must be supported by a performance feedback and development focus culture where personal growth and development is critical and constantly evolving.


The skills and abilities of employees must support the achievment of an organisaiton's objectives.

Employees must not only be engaged. They must also have the skills and abilities to translate engagement into tangible and required outcomes to achieve the organisation's objectives. Leaders must nurture talent and remove obstacles to allow skills to be fully leveraged and utilised.

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