Our Approach with Surveys

  • Customised administration and reporting
  • Comprehensive trend and demographic analysis
  • Improvement focused recommendations

Survey Analysis

Bramwell Solutions provide a range of survey completion and reporting options. We offer cost effective solutions that generate insightful and informative reports. Reports include detailed data interpretation and recommendations for development utilising Bramwell Solutions' expertise in organisational psychology.

All our survey reporting includes an in-depth and clearly interpreted presentation of the results against identified demographic variables, survey constructs, survey items and our Bramwell Organisation Effectiveness Model.

Data can also be compared against previous survey iterations to enable comprehensive trend analysis.

Survey Administration

Delivery Options

Our surveys are delivered via a web-based tool that enables quick and efficient administration and collation of responses. Surveys can be easily completed using smart phones, tablets and computers. Paper-based responses can also be administered.

Response numbers can be monitored, and completion reminders sent to maximise response rates. All processes and data management is carried out in compliance with Australian privacy and anti-spam acts.

Completion Options

Various completion options are available to suit your specific survey requirements. Surveys can be accessed via a survey link that allows multiple responses, or via a unique link provided to each employee. Respondents can be permitted to save responses mid-completion and return at a later time, edit already submitted responses, or be prevented from submitting multiple responses

Survey Customisation

We recognise a pre-designed survey tool is not always appropriate. In these situations we are able to develop customised survey solutions to provide the information you need to drive specific development strategies.

Surveys can be designed from scratch to meet specific requirements, or our existing surveys can be edited at the item and construct level to produce suitable solutions.

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