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Surveys - Staff & Engagement

Bramwell Organisational Effectiveness Survey

Our organisational effectivness survey gathers information across a range of constructs that assess areas critical to an organisation's success. These are areas that provide key insights into what it 'feels like to work around here'. The number and type of constructs can be customised to address specific needs. The constructs that form our standard survey offering include:

  • Communication
  • Customer focus
  • Immediate manager satisfaction
  • Job satisfaction
  • Learning & development
  • Organisational commitment
  • Organisational satisfaction
  • Performance culture
  • Personal accountability

    • Policies, procedures & systems
    • Recognition
    • Reward
    • Role clarity
    • Role satisfaction
    • Senior management
    • Team focus
    • Values perspective

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In addition, we our survey offering allows for the inclusion of open response questions. Open response questions provide additional insight and depth to the insights gained from the survey process. The open question component of or organisational effectiveness survey is fully customisable. Examples of questions typically incorporated are:

"What do you feel this organisation needs to start doing to improve?"

"What do you feel this organisation needs to stop doing to improve?"

"What do you feel this organisation needs to keep doing?"

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Bramwell Organisational Effectiveness Model

Our Bramwell Organisational Effectiveness Model provides an additional level of analysis of to the survey process. The four factors of the model are formed from items across several survey constructs. These four factors are used to further assess your organisation's effectiveness in that are crucial to the development of a highly engaged workforce and successful organisation:

Outstanding Leadership capability to inspire sustained and focused hihg performance

High Engagement levels of staff to drive motivation and commitment

A strong focus and clear message about required Results to ensure alighment between tasks and objectives

Staff possessing the Capability needed to achieve an organisation's goals and objectives 

Demographic Analysis

Information is reported and analysed for your organisation as a whole and against demographic variables selected in the planning phase of the survey process. Demographic analysis provides more comprehensive understanding of an organisation's dynamics specific to key cohorts such as office locaitions, role levels and role types.

Our detailed reporting against selected demographic variables allows for the creation of more targeted and specific strategies for organisational improvement. 

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