That's Bullshit

The expectation to constantly succeed is exhausting – to aim higher and higher, to get more, have more and be more

The result? A life filled with stress.

The cost? A rapidly escalating toll on our mental health and wellbeing.

If you are exhausted from being pushed to aim higher and higher, if you are wanting to create better work-life balance, if you are looking to be more self-aware, if you are wanting to become a more effective communicator, listener, leader, follower, and lead a less stressed and successful life – then That’s Bullshit will provide you with ideas, skills, and direction for change.

Each chapter of That’s Bullshit challenges a specific concept or area of modern-life that is brimming with rubbish tips, tricks, gimmicky ideas, and fads – strategies and mindsets are provided to put in place more valid and constructive alternatives. Personal growth is challenged to realise your full potential, and to support the achievement of your goals and aspirations – as defined by you!

It’s time to challenge the bullshit messages and pressures we are drowning under

To shift our focus away from a toxic and endless pursuit of more, and instead focus on creating a genuinely healthy, happy, and successful life free of bullshit.

To define our life by personally meaningful goals. Not goals driven by bullshit platitudes, unrealistic expectations, and an exhausting pursuit of more.

To strengthen our internal ‘Bullshit-O-Meter’ (our ability to identify bullshit) and become skilled at differentiating fact from fiction, and misguided advice from valuable insights.

Challenge the stress-inducing and misleading bullshit of modern life to find more constructive and effective alternatives

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About the Author, Mark Bramwell

Mark Bramwell’s experience spans the fields of organisation dynamics, employee engagement, leadership capability and interpersonal communications. As an executive coach, trainer and facilitator, Masters qualified in Organisational Psychology, Mark has spent the last 20 years working with a diverse range of organisations and individuals.   

Through his work he has observed the negative impact caused by a plethora of bullshit advice, bullshit leadership practices, and bullshit communication habits.

He has witnessed the destructive toll on mental health and wellbeing from an ever-louder message that presents success as being wholly measured by an endless pursuit of more – the growing expectation that success can only be had if we forever get more, have more and be more!

In 2007, Mark created Bramwell Solutions. His aim was to break free of the corporate rat race and offer clients a genuine and authentic consulting approach – an approach free of smoke and mirrors, and free of slick sales pitches. To focus on offering advice and expertise that would assist organisations and their staff reach their full potential and achieve a rewarding balance between personal wellbeing, job satisfaction and life success. To tell clients what they needed to hear, not just what they wanted to hear.

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