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Training - Emotional Intelligence

Develop emotional awareness and self control

  • Do you respond effectively to emotions?
  • Can you adjust your leadership style to best motivate and inspire teams and individuals?
  • Do you demonstrate empathy and rapport to effectively influence others?

Emotional Intelligence underpins successful leadership. It is a critical component of effective interactions and communications between high performing individuals and teams.

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Improve leadership effectiveness and build team cohesion

In-house programs delivered across a diverse range of organisations and locations. Including: Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra and remote and regional Australia.

Duration: 2 hour workshops, half and 1 day in-house programs.

Why improve your Emotional Intelligence?

The ability to monitor and manage your own emotions, combined with the ability to appropriately respond to and influence the emotions of others, is central to motivating and inspiring outstanding performance in others and ourselves.

Participation will give you the skills to:

  • Enhance decision making quality by considering the emotional aspect of responses 
  • Effectively recognise and respond to emotional cues
  • Appreciate the key attributes of an emotionally intelligent leader and individual
  • Understand how emotionally intelligent leadership underpins team cohesion and performance improvement
  • Improve personal performance by being more self-aware of emotional reactions to situations and individuals
  • Appreciate your emotional intelligence to identify strategies for personal improvement

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course-differentConcise, relevant, insightful and considered - is how Mark's impressive portfolio of satisfied clients describe his consulting services.

Mark is Masters Qualified in Psychology and highly experienced in delivering exceptional training outcomes.

All training is conducted by Mark, and courses are tailored specifically to achieve each client's identified goals.

Visit client testimonials to read how Bramwell Solutions has helped organisations achieve their learning and development objectives.


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