Employee Wellbeing

  • Hold effective “check-in” conversations
  • Manage expectations and focus
  • Promote self-care and wellbeing

In-house and Online Programs

Our in-house workshops can be run anywhere in Australia. Online programs are also available

Locations include all capital cities, and remote and regional locations. 

This workshop is focused on providing strategies and ideas to support leaders hold effective “check-in” conversations. Remote working creates unique and unforeseen stress that places greater pressure on the ability of leaders to remotely respond to staff concerns, needs and manage work objectives effectively. This workshop covers three main topic areas:

Holding effective “check-in” and supportive conversations

  • Making effective use of the RU OK? framework through correctly focused questioning, listening and responding
  • Clearly understanding the boundaries of what effective support includes – recognising when conversations step outside these boundaries
  • Controlling the dialogue and recognising when and how to redirect a staff member to appropriate support options such as an organisation’s EAP
  • Avoiding dysfunctional empathy that ‘feeds’ negativity
  • Providing professional empathetic support versus pursuing personal curiosity.

Managing expectations

  • Acknowledging the uniqueness of the current situation
  • Determining what/if expectations, objectives and focus need to be reassessed
  • Ensuring priorities for task completion are clear.

Promoting self-care

  • Recognising the signs that a team member may be struggling
  • Creating a work routine and structure to reduce stress and anxiety levels
  • Tips for supporting staff to maintain a more balanced perspective by managing information from external sources.

Online programs delivered as short 1 & 2 hour workshop modules designed to address specific training objectives.  

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