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Training - Inspiring Leadership

Inspirational leadership to develop a highly engaged workforce

  • Do you inspire outstanding team performance?
  • Are you in tune with the aspirations and values of your staff and colleagues?

Being a highly skilled influencer, communicator and motivator are crucial elements of remarkable leadership. Ineffective leadership is one of the primary causes of a disengaged workforce, low employee morale and unwanted employee turnover.

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Motivate and drive outstanding performance

In-house programs delivered across a diverse range of organisations and locations. Including: Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra and remote and regional Australia.

Duration: 2 hour workshops, half and 1 day in-house programs.

Why become an Inspirational Leader?

Bramwell Solutions' program is underpinned by the concept of 'individualised consideration'. You will learn how to effectively engage and motivate individuals according to their capabilities and temperament, with consideration of the different situations and tasks they encounter.

 Participation will give you the skills to:

  • Engage and connect authentically to build trust and grow levels of influence
  • Harness employee talent, expertise and passion to drive superior outcomes
  • Implement robust and consistent performance discussions specific to individual needs and abilities
  • Act as a role model and champion of effective communication and positive team function
  • Motivate outstanding performance by providing comprehensive, consistent and genuine constructive feedback and praise
  • Engage employees across a diverse range of skills, abilities and backgrounds.

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course-differentConcise, relevant, insightful and considered - is how Mark's impressive portfolio of satisfied clients describe his consulting services.

Mark is Masters Qualified in Psychology and highly experienced in delivering exceptional training outcomes.

All training is conducted by Mark, and courses are tailored specifically to achieve each client's identified goals.

Visit client testimonials to read how Bramwell Solutions has helped organisations achieve their learning and development objectives.

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