Recruitment & Selection

  • Accurately assess candidate potential
  • Administer robust and objective recruitment processes
  • Improve the accuracy of hiring decisions

In-house and Online Programs

Our in-house training workshops can be run anywhere in Australia. Online programs are also available.

Locations include all capital cities, and remote and regional locations.

Why Implement Robust Recruitment Processes?

The cost of a poor recruitment decision is high - a decline in productivity, lost business opportunities and damage to your organisation's culture and morale. Many employers neglect to sharpen their recruitment processes, and are not equipped with the skills to make an objective choice between candidates.

Correct recruitment decisions are critical for building successful teams and organisations. Mark has worked with countless organisations to enhance existing processes and provide recruitment teams with the tools and knowledge to improve their practices. Bramwell Solutions' recruitment and selection training provides you with the skills to make high quality recruitment decisions.

In-house programs delivered Australia-wide, including: Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra and regional and remote locations.

Online programs delivered as short 1 & 2 hour workshop modules designed to address specific training objectives.

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Participation will give you the skills to:

  • Build awareness of how stereotypes and biases impact decision-making
  • Identify selection criteria that reveal the candidate most likely to succeed
  • Effectively review applicant resumes to make quality short listing decisions
  • Construct behavioural questions that focus on assessing a candidate's potential for success
  • Effectively challenge and probe candidate responses to go beyond the rehearsed response

  • Appreciate the role psychometric assessment has in a robust recruitment process
  • Perform reference checks that gain valuable information to inform the decision-making process
  • Implement a robust process that is replicable from candidate to candidate and from interviewer to interviewer
  • Make selection decisions that are based on relevant candidate data

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